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Montreal NDG Condos for sale

Montreal NDG Condos for sale

When looking for a nice condo for sale in NDG, you have a choice between new condo constructions and older units.

Depending on what you are looking for, you can find good deals in either category. If you buy a new NDG condo, depending on the price, you can qualify for the city's first time buyer grant which will help with your downpayment and the welcome tax (aka land transfer tax).

If you buy older units you will get a better price than a new condo and you can find them either renovated or not. Renovated condos will cost you less than new and often have better quality finishing in them. Un-renovated NDG condos will cost you much less and give you the chance to pick and choose how you would like it to be.

In either case, you should consult with a real estate broker because there are many legal implications when buying a condo. Most importantly is the condo association document which outline the rules of the condo. This document is quite long and contains a lot of legal clauses that can be confusing.

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